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It's been a while....would love to know what you think of recent changes

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Not a fan of the recent uploads folder to be perfectly honest. It is completely redundant. Rolling Eyes 

I put things in separate folders so when I go to look at my newly uploaded images, I don't want to have that first panic of oh crap, I uploaded it into the wrong place! I'd much rather have an easier to find link to the folder I *actually* uploaded the new items into front and center. To me, it's yet one more click Photobucket seems determined to make me do to actually get to the images I had just uploaded. And yes, I know the folder I uploaded it to is the hyperlink, but it needs to be more obvious than that. Took me a while to find it and I am long past a newbie.

Also, last night I uploaded 5 images into the folder I needed them to go to. There were already 3 images in said folder. When I went to the folder after the update, it was telling me there were 8 images. I could visually ONLY see 6. Three of my new images were showing in that folder. The other two were invisible, or something. When I went to the recent uploads folder, those two missing images were there. BUT the URL for them was showing the folder I had uploaded them to, the one they were physically NOT showing in. So something went screwy there.

Can the "recent uploads" folder be an opt in/opt out thing, because I want to opt out of it. As I will repeat redundantly, it is redundant.


Hello everyone.

I know its been a while since the last discussion. We've been making more changes to meet our users needs, and I would love to get your input! Here is a list of the most recent items.

Recent Uploads Folder - displays the last 300 images uploaded to your account. They are organized by the most recent uploaded image to the account being displayed first, with the last image in that album being the oldest recent uploaded image of those 300 images displayed.
Upgrade to the Upload speeds - Updates to the website to increase upload speed.
Drag and drop update for the Upload page - Dragging and Dropping images to anywhere on the upload page to have them upload.
Drag and drop entire folders to upload (Chrome browser only) - Users can drag and drop an entire album of photos to have them all upload. This only works for the Chrome browser currently.

Thanks everyone,

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