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Any more feedback on the recent updates to the media detail page?

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A resize option right from the photo page would be awesome. This is the number 1 edit that I perform. On the old site you could resize quickly and easily.

2Any more feedback on the recent updates to the media detail page? Empty AND SPLASH?!? on Wed May 08, 2013 8:44 pm


The new tool bar in Edit is great...I just found "splash" after making my last post. This is my new favorite thing! With a little practice I'm sure I'll be making (amateur)Photoshop quality images without having to shell out big bucks for software. Again, if these features and tools were available before, you guys had them so buried I didn't even bother to look. If you just released them, then you know exactly what I've been looking for. This is officially my favorite photo site.

3Any more feedback on the recent updates to the media detail page? Empty Love the updates on Wed May 08, 2013 8:38 pm


I love it! I just got done running through each of the new updates. It feels intuitive to navigate, the Edit options I use 99.9% of the time are right there, and it looks clean in the standard mode where I scroll through pictures with still having tools close at hand. A+ in my book.

The Instagram-esque premade editing options are great...were those available before? If so, they were so buried I never bothered to look for them. The focus, resize, and other quick tools are super handy as well.


Thanks for the feedback Biz1966

Does anyone else have feedback on the recent site changes?

Media Detail Page Improvements - A redesign of the media detail page (when viewing an image in full).

Updates include:

Description and Title moved to display below the photo
More options for one-click sharing to other websites, with easier access to those options (displayed above the photo)
Option to click to zoom to view the original size image on the page
Easy edit options (download, copy, rotate, delete, etc) are now displayed on the page for quick access (previously found under the Options drop down)
Image exif data (also known as metadata) access

A fix to allow one click highlighting of image codes displayed when the Easy Linking Mode feature is enabled.

When selecting the upload option when viewing an album, the upload will automatically default to uploading to the album previously viewed when that option was selected.

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