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May Discussion Topic: Uploading on Photobucket

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1 & 2. No. I don't use Photobucket to backup my photos. They automatically go into iPhoto on my hard drive when I download them from my camera and that is backed up to a separate hard drive with Time Machine. I don't need to post all my photos online. For a start, there are too many making it tedious and time-consuming. I use Photobucket, primarily, to enable me to post pics to an online forum I'm a member of. So, most of my Photobucket albums are made up of photos and pics relative to that forum. I run a monthly photography challenge on the forum and participate in a fortnightly graphics challenge.

Photobucket still needs to add a view all function together with the page view option because viewing thumbnails only page by page is again, time-consuming. It's also difficult to use the Organise function because the filenames aren't shown making it difficult to see what's being sorted. This makes being able to post a number of pics at once extremely difficult.
3. Yes.
4. All my private photos, taken with a camera, are kept on my hard drive and separate hard drive. I'd rather not upload them to an online site partly because of privacy and partly because I might not stay a member forever.
5. I'm really happy with the drag/drop function. This is one of the best new additions. To be honest, I can't think of too many others.
6. Address the Organise function issues and the View All option.


I upload most of my random or spontaneous pics from my phone, and the rest are bulk uploads from my computer after a trip or adventure.

I don't put all of my pics on photobucket simply because I don't have many pictures that I just HAVE to keep backups of.

The upload process would be a little more convenient if I could go ahead and select resize dimensions when I was setting up a bulk upload.


I really only have issues with it automatically doing my 3D photoes. I use my phone for that, HTC Evo 3D. Normally have to upload them manually. Which really isn't a huge chore. Just depends if I go crazy and do a day of 3D picture taking.


1. Sometimes. Most do not go to my computer, but rather straight from my phone to photobucket

2. some are stored on a flash drive

3. not necessarily, but most are on photobucket which is helpful when I go to search for them. What would be even MORE helpful would be the ability to view all thumbnails in an album on one page rather than having to flip through them all. That is QUITE annoying when I am going back trying to find a photo and I have to go through 5 or 6 pages.

4. privacy

5. pretty easy for the most part, pretty quick. Most are done from my phone so it is location specific.

6. better phone service Smile

7. nothing comes to mind.


I only upload my artwork to Photobucket. I'm not one who takes pictures of everything including the food on the table in front of me. So while I do have a few personal photos on my photobucket, it's a very rare occurrence. I just simply don't take a ton of pics unless I'm on vacation.

Which basically means, I have copies of all the pictures uploaded to Photobucket on my computer. It also means that I only upload from my computer as I need to. (So it's not a daily upload for me)

I'm not having any problems with the upload process except it likes to randomly put pictures anywhere within the folder. When I have it set to organize "newest first" I want that to happen. I want them all to show up at the top of the folder rather than one showing up somewhere randomly in the folder. If that's a bug it needs to be fixed.

And if it's supposed to organize "newest" via "file creation date" that doesn't always work either. I've had files that I've made one right after another same date, a few minutes apart ... uploaded at the same time and one shows up first and the other one may show up somewhere randomly in the folder. I would really like this issue to be looked at please. It's frustrating to have to manually organize something that should be the default upload organization.


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Good Morning Everyone!

I wanted to take a few minutes to ask you some questions about backing up and uploading your photos on Photobucket.

1. Do you currently backup/upload all your photos on Photobucket, why or why not?

2. If there are any photos that you do NOT backup/upload on Photobucket, where are these photos currently stored?

3. Is it important to you to have all your photos from all your devices (computer, camera, phone, etc) stored in one single location?

4. If you have any photos you do not backup/upload, tell us why not? What makes you NOT backup/upload these specific photos?

5. How is your upload experience on Photobucket? Easy, pleasant, and fast? Frustrating, difficult, and slow?

6. Is there anything we could change to improve your upload experience?

7. Is there anything we could change to make you upload your photos more frequently?

As always, thanks so much for the feedback!


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