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One more announcement....New site changes today!

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THANK YOU for the one click selecting in easy link mode. bounce cheers

I do have a couple of nits, I hope you don't mind that I pick. Can we make the color *darker* not lighter. Or can we let us choose what color we want our own albums to be. I say that because the light is too bright (it makes my eyes hurt). It's hard on the eyes and I know there are folks out there who can't look at bright colors without getting migraine headaches. Please think about accessibility issues. Smile

Also, the sharing things at the top of the "media page" like pinterest and tumblr etc.. Can we have a choice as to whether or not we want those there? When I link out an image I made, I want to control where it goes. I don't want my stuff showing up on Pinterest or Facebook or Tumblr or the other places without my permission or knowledge. Those buttons being there basically gives random strangers carte blanche permission to steal my image, post it to Pinterest (or name your social network) and say they did it. (I do not allow my images to be posted to "social media sites".)

Also, if you're going to have "back/Next" at the top, there doesn't need to be arrows on the image itself. They're redundant at this point. And having the "zoom" image as a pop up may not work in all browsers if someone has pop-ups blocked. And is it really necessary to have the rest of the album's photos under that one? I'd rather if someone was looking at that one image, that one be all they see. I don't own a shop, but if I did, I would only want the person to be looking at the item I want them to look at, not be able to easily look at the rest of the images in the album, private or not.

And in all honestly, can we please get rid of the frames around the images? It's taking up too much room and really does not add anything aesthetially.

My 2 cents! Smile


I wanted to share with you some new site improvements released today. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Improvements to the site appearance and color scheme to be more visually appealing.

Media Detail Page Improvements - A redesign of the media detail page (when viewing an image in full).

Updates include:

Description and Title moved to display below the photo
More options for one-click sharing to other websites, with easier access to those options (displayed above the photo)
Option to click to zoom to view the original size image on the page
Easy edit options (download, copy, rotate, delete, etc) are now displayed on the page for quick access (previously found under the Options drop down)
Image exif data (also known as metadata) access

A fix to allow one click highlighting of image codes displayed when the Easy Linking Mode feature is enabled.

When selecting the upload option when viewing an album, the upload will automatically default to uploading to the album previously viewed when that option was selected.

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